Use a hands-free solution to scan attendee badges for activations. You will receive a list of scans to follow-up with after the event. Learn more

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Go beyond lead retrieval with AI-powered booth reporting. You will receive traffic, dwell times, and attendee energy (by activation). Learn more

See it in action

*IMPORTANT* Please select your correct event dates in the rental period. Orders must be placed per event.


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How does AI Badge Scanning work?

Our team will install the AI Badge Scanning kiosk at your booth or designated area. Attendees are scanned when they place their badge in front of the kiosk. All collected scans are sent to you within (1) week post-event. Reach out if you have questions about consent. Zenus will provide you with a design template for custom branding of the kiosk upon purchase. Custom design is also available through Zenus at an additional cost. 

Please note (2) standard power outlets will be required per kiosk.

How does Booth Reporting work?

Our team will install discreet sensors on your booth, focusing on the aisle and key activations or demo stations. The sensors utilize Ethical Facial Analysis to determine traffic, dwell times, and attendee energy (by activation). Each Booth Reporting package includes a custom report sent post-event to evaluate your booth performance at a high-level. 

Please note (1) standard power outlet will be required per camera.

How does Zenus define the booth analytics?

If you would like to understand more about how our analytics are calculated and interpreted, please visit our definitions appendix here. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to the Zenus support team at [email protected]

What about Privacy?

AI Badge Scanning uses only an attendee ID number. Similarly, the facial analysis used in Booth Reporting does not capture any personally identifiable information. Please note that AI Badge Scanning and Booth Reporting are separate and independent products. You can read more about privacy here.

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